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Your hot tub cover is one of the most important pieces of equipment for your hot tub & spa. It helps protect and insulate your spa.

It is essential to keep your hot tub cover protected and maintained so it can continue to protect for as long as possible Here you will find all our products for maintaining and protecting your hot tub cover.

303 Spa Cover Protectant Sponge
303 Spa Cover Protectant Sponge

A single sponge measuring approximately 4.5” x 7” soaked in 303 Protectant and ready to go. Perfect for cleaning your spa or hot tub cover together with a range of other household objects. Powerful UV sun-screen surface treatment and 100% prevention of UV caused slow fade.

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303 Spa Cover Protectant Wipes - 40 wipes
303 Spa Cover Protectant Wipes

A convenient and handy dispenser pack of 40 wipes, pre-moistened with 303 cover protector to help keep your UV sensitive materials ‘like new’ every year.

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303 Spa Cover Protectant
303 Spa Cover Protectant

Developed from the aerospace industry, this contains no silicone oils that usually leave vinyl surface greasy and attractive to dirt. 303 bonds into vinyl surfaces to block the sun’s UV rays and guards against cracking and fading.

It is also great for other products including rubber, fibreglass, tyres, plastic, leather and dashboards.

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CoverShelf Open Position

When space is not an issue, it’s hard to imagine a simpler or more effective method of cover removal or storage than a CoverShelf.

Simply fold the cover in half and push it out and onto the sturdy powder coated aluminium bars, where it can rest without restricting your view. The arms will fold flat against the spa when the are not in use.

Suitable for spas up to 8′ maximum.

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A useful pair of lockable securing straps to secure your valuable cover down during stormy weather, and to keep unwanted users out while you’re away.

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Cover Stand
Cover Stand

Free standing, it neatly holds a spa cover upright and off the ground to reduce wear and tear.

It’s also the ideal solution for round or unusual shaped spa covers, and requires no hardware or assembly.

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