Spa or Hot Tub Cover Lifters will make it quicker and easier to access your hot tub or spa.

Keep your cover of the ground and help prolong it's life.

Cover Valet Open
Cover Valet

The Cover Valet™ is the world’s leading premium spa cover removal system. It is designed to fit in almost any environment: inside of a gazebo, against a wall, or even mounted into an existing deck. Dual gas springs assist in effortlessly lifting and lowering the spa cover. A locking safety feature holds the cover open until it is time to be closed. A durable powder coat finish accompanied by stainless steel hardware allows the Cover Valet to be equipped with an industry leading 5 year warranty.

Suitable for spas up to 8′ maximum.

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Cover RX
Cover RX

Compatible with virtually any above-ground spa on the market today. The unique undermount installation plate allowing it to be installed without fixings on whatever side of your spa you choose. Requiring only 14″ of clearance, the Cover RX completely supports your spa cover without placing any stress on the centre seam, which translates to a longer cover life.. Whether your spa is square, rectangular, octagonal, or round the Cover Rx will be a perfect fit and requires no drilling into your spa cabinet.

Easily operated by a single user from any position you choose; from the side of the spa, from the back, or even inside of the spa. There has never before been a more complete spa cover lifter.

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Swimspa Conversion Kit
Swimspa Conversion Kit (for Cover Caddy)

Designed for use with a Cover Caddy and suitable for swimspas up to 55” high, this kit includes taller caddy legs and ‘U’ arms, together with stronger pistons to cope with the additional weight.

Due to the larger size of a swimspa, a total of two Cover Caddys and two conversion kits will be required.

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Cover Caddy
Cover Caddy

This gas spring assisted cover lift defines versatility and effortless spa cover removal. A unique design allows for installation on an array of spa shapes and sizes including round, octagonal, and spas with large radius or cut corners. The new under-mount base plate provides for a complete installation within minutes. The addition of a powerful gas spring makes lifting and lowering your spa cover easier than you ever imagined.

Suitable for spas up to 9′ maximum.

Please be aware product back in stock end of August

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Cover Rock-It
Cover Rock-It

The simple design of the Cover Rock-It combines ease of use with affordability. No fixing is required as it is held in place by a plate slipped under the spa base. When the spa is being used, the Rock-It reduces cover wear and tear by keeping it off the ground, while powder coated finish and improved frame strength ensure years of effortless cover removal.

Suitable for spas up to 8′ maximum

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Cover EX premium Hot Tub Cover Lifter
Cover EX

The Cover EX is quick and easy to install, and will fit most square and rectangular spas.

Featuring an all aluminium and powder coated construction, it needs just 12” of clearance.

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Cover Stand
Cover Stand

Free standing, it neatly holds a spa cover upright and off the ground to reduce wear and tear.

It’s also the ideal solution for round or unusual shaped spa covers, and requires no hardware or assembly.

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