If you require more assistance when entering a hot tub why not look at the Hand Rails that we sell.

They are great for the elderly and for children – providing a safe and confident way of getting in and out of your hot tub.

Spa Side Handrail
Spa Side Handrail

No Fixing needed as this is free mounted under the base of the spa.

Includes a full 180º of swivel for easy entry and exit, a locking feature for increased safety and a battery powered, LED mood light in the tip of the rail.

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Spa-Mounted SmartRail

Suitable for horizontal or vertical mounting, the SmartRail is great for providing safe and confident entry or exit from a spa installed into a deck.

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Securely fixed to the side of the spa with rigid, heavy duty mounting blocks, the Safe-T-Rail can rotate a full 360º to provide assistance and support when entering or exiting the spa.

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