Introducing more comfortable ways to enjoy your hot tub. Spa pillows and booster seats allows you to completely relax. Spa bars,trays and towel trees are the perfect way to keep all you need to hand.

Water Brick Water Seat
Water Brick Water Seats

Made of PVC coated vinyl, the Water Brick is perfect for the spa environment and at over 4” thick it offers a great deal of comfort for the bather. A removable pouch is included which can be filled with either marbles or washed pea gravel to make sure the seat sinks into place and to add a little height for the smaller user.

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Spa Booster Seat with Suction Cups - Grey
Cupped Spa Booster Seat

Comfortable and an attractive design. Features heat resistant material and suction cups to prevent the seat from floating or moving. The firmness and size can be adjusted by the amount of water used to fill it, using a standard garden hose.

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Booster Seat
Booster Seat

This heavy duty seat can also be used as a back support. The firmness and size can be adjusted by the amount of water used to fill it, using a standard garden hose.

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Spa Pillows
Spa Pillow

Our super soft pillows are moulded from closed cell vinyl coated foam and incorporate a weighted back, which allows them to be placed just about anywhere around the spa.

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Cupped Spa Pillow
Cupped Spa Pillow

An inflatable pillow featuring a luxurious velvet soft touch finish and incorporating positive hold suction cups, allowing you to secure it in your favourite position for maximum comfort.

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Spa Side Towel Tree
Spa Side Towel Tree

The Spa Side Towel Tree offers a more contemporary way to keep your towels off of the ground and within reach.

Assembled in minutes, its aluminium construction stands up to the most extreme climates, and a Pewter style powder coating compliments the look.

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Waterproof Plastic Playing Cards
Waterproof Plastic Playing Cards

Featuring a fun aquatic design, our 100% waterproof and durable PVC playing cards are supplied complete with their own storage box.

Great for a bit of spa time poker!

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Floating Gameboard
Floating Gameboard

Perfect for use in the hot tub or by the pool, this double-sided board lets you play draughts, chess or backgammon while you relax. Includes magnetic game pieces, pair of dice and doubling cube.

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Aqua Tray
Aqua Tray

Our top selling table is produced from weather resistant materials and features an adjustable leg allowing it to fit onto most spas.

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