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Darlly Duck


People may think we are Quakers, but we would like to introduce you to Darlly Duck.

Absorbing 40 times his, (or her) own weight in oils, lotions and cosmetics, Darlly Duck prevents scum lines from forming on your hot tub abd reduces contaminants from clogging your filters.

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  • Devours Scum, Slime and Grime from Pools and Spas
  • The Oil-Absorbing Sponge acts as an effective Pool or Hot Tub Clarifier for several months at a time.
  • Simply place the sponge into the pool skimmer or directly into Hot Tub water.
  • When the sponge is scummy on one side, flip over.
  • Improves filtration and helps eliminate the formation of scumline on pools or hot tubs.

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