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Giant Duck Gift Set


Hot Tub Essentials Giant Duck Gift Set, all you need to start your flock of paddling ducks in your Hot Tub this Christmas, themed ducks, colour changing ducks and the master of the team a wonderful Giant Duck and a free pack of waterproof playing cards for some game time.

Free Waterproof Plastic Playing Cards

With a unique transparent design, our 100% waterproof and durable PVC playing cards are supplied complete with their own storage box.

Great for a bit of spa time poker!



Giant Duck Features:

  • Over-sized rubber duck
  • Essential for hot tub or bath time
  • Equally good for swimming pools
  • 32cm
  • Ages 3+

Christmas Ducks Features:

Pack of 4

*Subject to seasonal availability

Colour changing ducks Features:

  • Changes colour in hot water.
  • 4 colours per pack; orange/yellow, purple/pink, violet/blue, black/green.
  • The colourful little bath-ducks are nice by themselves.
  • Each coloured duck changes to a different hue when placed in warm water.
  • 5.5cm.
  • Ages 3+

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Weight2.25 kg


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